Freight Brokering With Class

Davis Elite Group offers top-notch freight brokerage services, functioning as the travel agents for freight. Similar to travel agencies, we do not own trucking assets but specialize in finding the optimal, fastest, and most cost-effective solutions to transport freight from point A to point B.

Our extensive network comprises over 150 carefully selected carriers capable of handling your products nationwide. Rest assured that loads tendered to us are never posted on load boards. We meticulously vet and handpick carriers to ensure safety and reliability in every shipment.

At Davis Elite Group, we employ a Carrier Partners Scorecard program, continuously monitoring each partner's performance. When a load is entrusted to us, we assume full responsibility from pickup to delivery, eliminating the need for you to chase third parties for information.

Our services encompass various crucial aspects, including researching and selecting the best carriers, matching your freight with carriers in your lane, monitoring shipments to ensure timely arrival, handling compliance details, and managing paperwork and insurance requirements associated with external carriers.

Negotiating rates with carriers is a time-consuming task for shippers but a routine part of our business at Davis Elite Group. Trust us to streamline and optimize your freight logistics, providing professional and reliable services every step of the way.

white and blue truck on road during daytime
white and blue truck on road during daytime
Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

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